School-006The most complete Bartending training program available! Be able to work almost anywhere with the skills and confidence needed to make a profitable and rewarding career. The purpose of this course is to provide the student with the knowledge and skills required to perform as a competent bartender at the entry level. This course is forty hours in length. The lessons cover over one hundred and fifty drinks, as well as beers, wines, customer service, private parties, and responsible liquor service. The student will have daily quizzes tracking progress in class. The Final exam is a written test requiring 87% or better to pass, followed by a practical test in which the student will make 12 drinks in no more than 8 minutes with an acceptable score of 90 or above.

All lessons are conducted in exactly the same manner. First, the lecture is given by the instructor on the specific
lesson for this class period, during which five (5) steps are followed in explaining each drink in the lesson. 1) Description,
2) Appropriate glass, 3) Ingredients and exact measurements, 4) Appropriate mixing method, 5) Proper
garnish. The instructor then demonstrates the making of each drink in the lesson. During the remainder of the
class time, all students practice making drinks, under the close supervision of the instructor.

Lesson # Curriculum Clock Hrs Description
1 Cream Drinks 4 This lesson teaches 16 after dinner cream and ice cream drinks.
2 Martinis & Manhattans 4 This lesson teaches 17 Martini’s, ,Manhattan's, and Rob Roys. These are served in the finest bars.
3 Shooters 4 This lesson teaches over 30 of the most popular shooters. These are the latest party atmosphere drinks.
4 Tall Drinks 4 This lesson teaches over 25 of the tall fancy drinks served in resorts, hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants
5 Testing 4 Midterm testing will be used to analyze the students progress
6 Highballs 4 This lesson teaches over 30 of the most commonly ordered drinks, such as a Rum & Coke, Screwdriver and a Fuzzy Navel.
7 Cocktail 4 This lesson teaches 17 of the straight alcohol drinks and the most popular After Dinner everywhere, and the relaxing coffee drinks served everywhere.
8 Margaritas Beer / Wine 4 This lessons covers Margaritas, Sours, and Daiquiris.The student will also learn the basics of beer and wine service
9 Alcohol 4 Approved by the AZ. Dept. of Liquor Licenses and Control, this Awareness class covers the rules and regulations of the state liquor service.
10 Final Testing 4 This class will determine the students’ readiness and general Practical knowledge. Passing grades of 87% are required.